Economic Impact

Todd Rhoades recently asked the question, "Is the Economy Hurting Your Church?" It was timely. Also, in his last newletter, Tim Johnson, of MCMA (Minnesota Church Ministries Association) noted that several churches in his area are in financial crisis.

At our church, we're feeling the budget crunch too. We're facing some big financial challenges right now. For the first time in my seventeen years as pastor here, we are bringing in less money in the offerings than the year before. This is uncharted territory for me. We've always budgeted for growth.

Having taken a couple of big faith steps in the last year or so, we now find ourselves facing a mountain.

For the last couple of weeks, I've found myself, too often, consumed by all this.

Of course, there's some good news. Times like these cause us to lean closer to the Savior, to go deeper in prayer, to be clearer in purpose, and more strategic in planning.

As a staff, we have done much soul searching -- and it comes down to this bottom line: We are called here by God to minister in this northwoods community -- to be servants of all. If we do what Lord wants us to do, He will provide ALL that is needed.

I certainly don't believe God has brought us this far to leave us in the ditch.


naomi said…
I think as long as we're investing in people and not things, we'll be ok. We need to be good stewards of what we have--in all areas--and remember that sometimes less is more!
Cora White said…
amen brother. god will provide.

timely for me as well this week
Anonymous said…
Most people probably are like me.

They are living paycheck to paycheck and the price of oil is killing them.

They have cut back on eating out, and only drive when it is necessary.

The house is not as warm as usual and I wonder how I am going to buy food to eat next week.

If we have to cut back and spend our money wisely, then the Church needs to be able to accept that they also need to watch how the money is spent and make sure that it does not go to waste.

We are in survival mode and the last thought on my mind right now is building a bigger home. I am worried about loosing the one I have and I am sure the Church will not make my payments for me.

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