Humbled by a Blooming Desert

My good friend, Wendy, who is a college professor in Palm Springs, recently shared an inspiring insight with me:
I have been amazed and humbled this spring in the desert. For the first two years I was here, we had no rain. Then this past winter, we've had some rain every weekend. There were bushes that had all dried up--they looked like dead sticks. The rain came--after 2 years--and they started to turn green. Now, they are covered with flower blossoms!
Imagine believing, hoping, enduring for 3 years with no nourishment. Imagine then, with just 5 inches of rain total, coming out in your full glory.
Do I have faith enough to endure 3 years of waiting for my basic needs to be met--let alone all the frilly little things I ask for????? Do I store up enough nourishment to withstand three years onslaught of parched sand? And then coming out with all the best I have inside of me with no apparent bitterness for the wait?


Keetha said…
There are some desert plants - - - they are spike mosses of the lycophyta division - - - which are called RESURRECTION PLANTS for their ability to do just what you described!!!!

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