Pretty Cool

My new buddy from South Carolina, Phil, reported that they had more than twice the number people in their church last Sunday than their entire town's population!!
Do you know of any other churches that can make that claim??
Best of all, sixteen people invited Jesus Christ to be their Savior and Lord.
Congratulations to Pastor Phil and good people of Pelzer Wesleyan Church!


Anonymous said…
Obviously this church is not just preaching but practicing outreach.
Anonymous said…
the little chourch that could
Anonymous said…
Well actually Mark, There is a little Wesleyan Church in Lamont, Kansas that can make a better claim than that. The towns population is 40 and they had 380 on Easter and average 230 regularly. As you have been faithful to point out, God will do His thing wherever people will let Him.
Anonymous said…
Obviously these two little churches that could are not discouraging people.

We know a church that not only wants people to leave but actually asks them to leave.

There is a place for only a chosen few in this church.

How sad!!!

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