There IS an I in Worship

Over the years, I've heard a few ministry leaders (mostly educators and/or greenhorns fresh out of seminary) say that in corporate worship services, we should avoid "I and Me" songs, and use "We and Us" selections instead.

Now, I understand what they're saying. We live in a "me-centered" consumer-oriented culture, and such narcissism is rightly opposed.

However, not all church songs that use personal language are narcissistic, and to castigate a good soul stirring chorus or hymn merely because it says "me" instead of "we" seems like a silly exercise in semantics.

If using singular pronouns for hymnwriting is such a fundamental flaw, then why in the world didn't somebody tell that to Charles Wesley? Why didn't they share the little secret with Fanny Crosby? Why didn't somebody inform David BEFORE he started writing all those Psalms??


Anonymous said…
Amasing Grace and How Great Thou Art sure wouldn't be the same!
Anonymous said…
What we are missing is when we use I it should be:

What can I do to help others get as blessed as I am?

What can I do that encourages others with random acts of kindness?

Am I being a stumbling block, keeping anyone from being closer to GOD?

If I see injustice done and keep my mouth shut, How will I answer
my actions or inaction at judgment day?

God help ME to be more accepting and forgiving of those who have hurt ME.

Help ME not be " Bless ME and MY wife, Joe and His wife, Us four and no more.. Amen"

Bigger than that is US.
A group of strong minded people who think they have an inside track with GOD and somehow that entitles them to know just what is the best direction the Church should go.

These people should be asking.
God "I" have sinned,
Forgive "ME"
Help "ME" ask others for forgivness because of the wrong that "I" have done.
mark o wilson said…
Amen to that!

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