All Star Substitute

I had the privilege of watching my children compete in the Regional Bible Quizzing Competition last Saturday in the Twin Cities. It brings me much joy to see so many young people hiding God's Word in their hearts.
It was great to re-connect with my son, Adam and his bride, Allegra, who brought a young team from Iowa. They've done a fantastic job recruiting and coaching some eager quizzers from their church.
One of their team members, however, was not able to come at the last minute, leaving them short. As Adam and Allegra puzzled about how to handle the empty seat, it dawned on them that Allegra was still under the age cut-off for quizzing. So, at the last second, she switched from coach to player (sort of like Frank Robinson.)

Amazingly, at the end of the day, she took seventh place in the tournament! Congratulations to Allegra, who, in a pinch, came off the bench, and made championship quizzing look like a cinch!

I hope Aaron Rogers can do as well for the Packers this fall!


Steve Gerich said…
That's a great story. "Put me in coach".
Anonymous said…
What a beautiful couple!
MAY the God of Hope fill their hearts witl all all joy and peace.
Anonymous said…
oops. typos!

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