The Book of Books and the Chief Executives

Recently, my friend, Eunice LaCoy, gave me a little pamphlet she found in her attic -- a 1929 publication from the American Bible Society.

They had written President Hoover, as well as the governor of each state, asking for a personal testimonial to the Bible, and an expression of opinion on the value of Universal Bible Sunday.

The President responded, as well as 26 of the 48 governors.

President Hoover said, "The annual observance of Universal Bible Sunday is a valuable aid in spreading knowledge of the Book of Books, from the pages of which have come those ideals that root our government and our national life firmly in the conscience of men and women."

Governor J. C. Phillips of Arizona: I think the movement to establish Universal Bible Sunday is a most commendable one. I was a Bible student early in my life, and during most of the later years have taught a Bible class.

Governor H. G. Leslie of Indiana: The biggest influence in the lives of men today is the open Bible. No man's education is complete without a good working knowledge of the Bible. It's influence upon individuals and society is so marked that the outstanding men and nations of today are those whose lives and actions most nearly conform to its teaching. It is most fitting and proper that we devote a day to contemplation of its worth to humanity.

Governor R. C. Dillon of New Mexico: The Bible is undoubtedly the greatest book ever written, The reading of it should be encouraged, and there should be a copy of it in every home.

Governor F. W. Green of Michigan: If we could instill into the minds and hearts of people on earth that faith which was in the bosom of the wise men of the East who followed the star to the manger where reposed the Redeemer of mankind, the world would be a better place in which to live. The Bible is the greatest agency for the teaching of this faith which is so necessary for the future preservation of our spiritual and national life.

Governor H. C. Baldridge of Idaho: The more I observe the activities of men, the more thoroughly I become convinced that a literal interpretation of Christ's teachings would solve ALL the problems of society.


Anonymous said…
Wouldn't it be interesting to see what the president and governors would have to say now....
Anonymous said…

Same as before ----

Most politicians start spouting religion when running for office.

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