Diamonds in the Rough

You are a jewel! A treasure! A priceless diamond! There's no one else in this whole world quite like you. You're one of a kind.

You were designed and fashioned by God's hand -- and He doesn't make mistakes. As the old saying goes, "God don't make junk!"

Yes, you're a diamond, and so am I. So is your spouse, your parents, your children, your relatives, your co-workers, your friends. Now, that's a genuine treasure trove!! Shiver me timbers!!

However, there's one little problem. We're still diamonds in the rough: not yet smoothed and polished. Quite a bit of "coalish carbon" remains.

Our rugged edges and odd shapes lead to conflicts, irritations, and misunderstandings with the other "diamonds" around us.

This is why we must go through difficulties. The Master Jeweler knows exactly what is needed to shape us according to the best design and make us shine. He uses the hammer of hardship and the anvil of angst to knock off the rough edges. He takes the file of frustration and shaves off our impatience.

This is why certain people annoy us. It's by design! When sandpaper people rub us the wrong way, it's a good reason to rejoice! We're being buffed and polished!

This is why we have been placed under authority (parents, bosses, teachers, law officers.) The Master Jeweler uses these authorities as His helpers in the diamond polishing workshop.

When we run from trouble, hide from relationships, or angrily resist the authority placed over us, we short-circuit the shining process, and deprive ourselves of necessary character development. Mature attitudes are developed only by learning how to respond to authority, and grow from our grievances.


bob said…
And all of us who are put in positions of authority over others, especially pastors, need to pray for guidance to make sure we help bring out the true beauty of each and every diamond. We must never throw one away as a worthless piece of glass.
the3shoes said…

Well said!!

Crystal Shoemaker
Marengo Ohio
Fargo Wesleyan Church should ponder
and pray over these words...
Anonymous said…

Given your recent article in the Wesleyan Life magazine, what is your cut on Bob Whitesell's concept of building sub churches as the best path for today's church.

Greg Johnson
mark o wilson said…
Very true, and a hearty amen.

It's an issue for every church -- because churches consist of human beings.

I am not familiar with Whitesell's sub-church plan, so I cannot comment on it. If you point me in the right direction, I'd be glad to study up.
Another Buckeye said…
Crystal in Ohio,
It is not only your Wesleyan church in Ohio. The district leaders not only tolerate such churches, they support and encourage this behavior by not acknowledging and confronting the situation. My heart is saddened to think how many true diamonds have been lost because the leaders of these churches deemed them worthless pieces of glass.

Lifelong Wesleyan member of the Greater Ohio District.
Walt said…

Like o'boma how many christians sit on their hands in the pews and fail to speak out when they see things happen in the chruch that is plane not right. They pray to God to take care of the problems.

God say's I gave you a voice...

By remaining silent, they lead others into believing that wrong is really not so wrong and if brother Joe or the pastor thinks its ok then it must be ok.

We all make mistakes and to error is human but to be mean and vindictive is unchristian.

Their should be zero tollerance to any kind of predjudice.
Anonymous said…
What a shame it took a teenage girl to 'angrily resist' the corrupt authority placed over an entire compound.

We can never assume that authority is always good!

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