An old professor at the University of Notre Dame, looking back on his long life of teaching, said this to his friend, Henri Nouwen:

"I have always been complaining that my work was constantly interrupted, until I slowly discovered that my interruptions WERE my work!" ( Out of Solitude)


mbs said…
WOW! Is not our lives as ministers to others ALL about interruptions? How many of us get so wrapped up in being popular preachers with great positions/titles that we forget this? If we ignore ONE interruption and miss the chance of finding/helping the ONE lost lamb, then we are lost.
interruption said…
Now I know what to call myself. I am an INTERRUPTION. I have been perceived in my church of many years as having an alternate lifestyle. I am shunned, ignored and actually abused. I do not know where the leaders of this church got this impression. I do not want to leave my home church but attending has become unbearable. Why can't my pastor see what is happening?
Anonymous said…
I can not figure out why so many people get stuck on just one Church. I have heard a number of times over the last few weeks people say Boy I wouldn't have attended Barack Obamas Church after the preacher said what he said and acted the way he acted. I can tell you that if I had atteneded that Church for 30 years I would be sitting in another Church the next weekend after hearing a sermon like his. I do not serve any Church I serve Jesus Christ Almighty. Yet I know many individuals who put up with stuff just as bad or worse from their so called Home Church.

We are truely blessed to have so many different Churchs with very different atmospheres to chose from. I just don't know why some want to let a group of individuals control their lives.

You are never an interruption to Jesus and I wouldn't let any Church treat like I was one.
john said…

I would not wait for you to leave my church. I would see you as a hindance to my ministry. If you cannot be a support to my program, then it would be better for everyone if you go where you were wanted.
Anonymous said…
For Obama to just sit in silence was giving his consent to what his pastor was saying. Leaving would have been a better choice, but the best choice would have been for him, with all his influence, to confront his pastor. But I have to admit not even Obama could stop another person from being evil. That has to come from within. But by taking a stand against what his pastor was saying, Obama would have been a positive influence on others not only in his church but in his community.
Anonymous said…
Wow, What a lot of "It's all about me." Did we forget that the church is the Body of Christ and we are to be a part of that Body, to help it to function and to serve others in it? We are here to minister to Interuption and to listen to him or her and to love them and to help them to find their place to serve in Jesus' church, not to chase them off to some one else's church. If we aren't welcoming people with struggles and problems or people who are different, what are we doing? The church in Acts recieved 3000 new people in one day and they were all from different countries, different cultures and even spoke different languages. MBS has got it right.

Interuption: There are churches where you are welcome. If you can't find a way to help Jesus to bring change to your church (It may be why He has you there) then I know if you ask Him, He will lead you to a new church where you are welcome. God Bless you. PS
dd said…

This is one of the best sermons I have heard in a long time. Thank you so much. You definitely have a good heart and love others.

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