Showers of Blessing

Right now, we are getting HAMMERED with a winter storm. It's the biggest one of the year -- April Showers bringing May flowers!

The blizzard like conditions are God's tender mercies in disguise.

In just over an hour, we will be holding the funeral services for Scott Hams, a UW Stout student, who was killed in a tragic fire last Saturday.

The police chief told me a couple of days ago, that a nasty, hateful group from Kansas was threatening to come and protest at the funeral. These are the same folks who travel around the country and rant at funerals of soldiers killed in Iraq. They call themselves a church -- but they are certainly based on a "different gospel." I think their leader must not have gotten enough attention when he was a little boy or something, and ended up twisted.

Scott's family has enough to deal with, without having to face a group of nasty hatemongers.

Anyhow, Highway 53 is impassable -- so I think that takes care of our protestors.


Bernard Shuford said…
Some information on Fred Phelps and his clan of highly hateful folks..

Any man who strikes his children with a mattock handle doesn't know the first thing about God and should by no means be the pastor of ANY church. It's a terrible story.

I'm so glad for the blizzard. Praise God.
bob said…
Of course my heart goes out to Scott's family and friends. And I hope and pray Scott's funeral was a time for healing and blessing along with the sorrow. And I hope his family did not have to deal with uncaring people at this difficult time in their lives.

There is a lesson here for all of us!

They call themselves a church -- but they are certainly based on a "different gospel."

Is this not exactly what is said about us and our churches when we have uncaring attitudes toward 'outsiders', when we only care about ourselves, and especially when we cover-up the injustices going on in our churches and church schools, which can involve abuse of others, be it children, elders, or any persons the church deems unworthy.

Anonymous said…
I said a prayer for Scott and his family today.

Our church is also dealing with the sorrow pertaining to deaths this week. A local worship leader/praise team member was tragically killed. Also a small child was lost in another tragedy.

But a third tragedy happened. Led by the pastor and leaders of the church, an outpouring of care was rightfully bestowed upon the song leader's family. Also led by the pastor and leaders of the church, there was absolutely no caring shown to the family of the young child. They had been deemed 'unwanted' by this church.

Do you suppose some people are asking what gospel this church follows?
Andrea Wittwer said…
There are so many left behind by society in times of tragedy. Whether our Church (the people of God) or our church (our local gathering) recognizes the hidden sorrows or not, God still sees them and is there. Our job as Christians is to listen carefully to God's voice and hear where we need to be when He beacons. Fewer silent sorrows would be left behind if we all listened when God calls us and step forward in Faith to serve.
I got a magazine today from Christian Children's Fund showing the faces of children around the world waiting for someone to care. My sorrow is that I can't help every one, my joy is that God called me to several and I went.
When He calls, we must go. AW

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