Sunday's Sermon

I went to the plate three times this morning, expecting to hit a homerun.
The 8:20 sermon, after two strikes, was a pop fly to shallow right. I didn't even get on base.
The 9:40 sermon was better -- a double, played in deep left field.
The 11:00 sermon was a straight line drive single. Nothing to write home about, but at least I got on base.
Oh well -- I'll just keep swinging the bat and hope for a homer next Sunday.


Anonymous said…
It might be time for some of those sermon enhancing drugs you talked about. :)

Jonathan Wilson
eddie p said…
at least you are in the game and playing!!!
naomi said…
I didn't think it was that bad! In fact, I thought the entire service was very thought-provoking, interesting, inspiring, and the music wasn't bad either. :)
JustinJNierer said…
Im sure you are still batting well over .500
Anonymous said…
Food for thought: Someone thought you knew everything going on in her life when you gave the message. God is in each word! Keep on pressing on!

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