The Hayward community was saddened by the tragic death of 23 year old Scott Hams, a student at UW Stout. Scott and two other students perished in a house fire this past weekend.

When Scott was a little boy, Cathy and I took care of him in our home during the summer months. Three years ago, his mother, Bonnie, passed away after a long struggle with cancer.

Please pray for Scott's dad, Al and his brother, Josh, as they go through this dark valley of grief. Josh attends our youth group each Wednesday night.

The funeral will be held at our church this Friday, with Rev. David Benson of First Congregational, officiating.


Anonymous said…
My heart goes to the family. I am an alumnus of UW-Stout and it saddens me that Scott perished in the fire.

John Schlederer
Anonymous said…
I am deeply sadded by the news of Scott Hams death. I am a college faternity brother of Scott's father, Al Hams. Many of Al's "brothers" from around the nation have emailed their condolences in this difficult time for the family. Blessed be the memory of Scott Hams.

Jim Vermeul

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