We Dropped the Vase

"Mom, remember that beautiful vase that has been passed down through our family from one generation to another?" Larry wondered.

"Yes, darling, it's very precious to me." his mother replied, "Why do you ask?"

"Because this generation dropped it!"

As I observe what's happening across our land, I can't help but conclude that this generation of parents has "dropped the vase."

We have dropped the vase of morality:
"What feels right" has replaced "What IS right".

We have dropped the vase of responsibility:
When things go wrong, the first reaction is to hide from and/or blame others. It must be someone else's fault.

We have dropped the vase of industry:
Today's emphasis on amusements have deprived the rising generation the noble satisfaction of completing a good day of hard work.

We have dropped the vase of creativity:
Brains shrivel when they're not stretched. Television is the number one mind shrinker! Instead of reading excellent literature, we are too often plopped on the couch like zombies.

We have dropped the vase of wonder:
Trivia stuffed lives leave little room for imagination and exploration. How sad, when life's adventures are experiened only through electronic gadgets. Life was meant to LIVE. It is not a spectator sport!

We have dropped the vase of discipline:
Unlike prior generations, we are a "soft" people. We do not know how to endure hardship because we have never really experienced it. This softness leads to a lack of self discipline in most areas of life.

Once the vase is dropped, how can we put it back together again?

We can use Spiritual Super Glue! God can rectify what we have wrecked! Let's take a look at the G.L.U.E. that can put the next generation together:

G -- Good Decisions based on timeless principles.
L -- Love expressed by selfless servanthood rather than selfish demands.
U -- Unity built on truth rather than the lowest common denominator.
E -- Endurance fueled by the quest for self improvement.

Lives built on eternal values will stand the test of time and situation. The further away we get from these values, the more prone we are to live below our best potential. As every archer knows, error increases with distance.


mrclm said…
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mrclm said…
Nice blog you have going here! I'm a small town (Waseca, MN) small church (under 100 people) pastor. I started a month ago here, and am really enjoying it and feel like I can and am making a difference.

Chis Meirose
Because I said so blog
First Congregational Church of Waseca
naomi said…
You've hit the nail on the head here! Your last comment--error increases with distance--I think of how our distance from God and lack of reverence enables us to feel ok with these things.
Thus my fear of having children. Only God can raise them right, and I am so afriad I am going to get in the way.
Anonymous said…
Unfortunately, whether someone has to take the blame for his/her wrong/sinful act depends on WHO the person is and Who he knows.

This is not only prevalent in our society but in many of our churches.

So Sad!

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