First Catch

On Wednesday, Hannah and I dropped a line at dusk at the shore of Hospital Lake. Just as the sky turned purple, nature's orchestra began to play (a blend of trilling, croaking, and peeping, to accompany an acro-BAT performance.)

Just then, SPOOSH -- Hannah's bobber went under, her pole bent with the weight of evening catch. It was a 14 inch largemouth bass.

We jumped and shouted and "high fived" each other. Then, I took a picture with my cell phone, and we released her prize back into the placid waters.

Moments later, something hit on MY line! "It's MY turn now!!" I shouted as I furiously reeled the line, " Come home to Daddy!"

It was a three inch sunfish.

Hannah and I laughed until our sides hurt, and she took my picture with the cell phone.


Keetha said…
So - - - not brave enough to post these pictures???
Mark O Wilson said…
Haven't figured out the technology

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