Good Fishing and Late to Church

Yesterday, my daughter Hannah and I drove out to the Lake Chippewa Campground at 7:30 a.m. to hold chapel services for the participants of "Fishing Has No Boundaries."

This is an outstanding program, which, over the years, has provided fishing opportunities for literally thousands of disabled anglers. Many of them have never had the chance to go fishing before.

Launched in Hayward, FHNB has grown significantly, to twenty three chapters in eleven states. Hundreds of volunteers gather at each event, to assist in this wonderful cause. Hayward is still the Grand-daddy of the whole thing, and our local event is always the third weekend in May.

My part is to conduct the chapel services in the big tent. Armed with Bible, guitar and Hannah's violin, we sang and preached hope and faith into the weary fisherman (Saturday had not been a good day for catching -- Sunday, I hear was much more successful.)

At the end of the service, dashing out of the tent to get to my church on time, I was halted by a young man named Rich. "Excuse me," he said, "but can I ask you a question?"

I knew if I stopped, I'd be late for church services, but I could see this young man was troubled in spirit and really needed prayer. So, I paused to listen to him.

Rich proceeded to unburden his heart to me. He was seeking release from guilt, and peace with God. Hannah and I prayed with Rich to receive Christ into his heart and cleansing for all his sins. It was a beautiful and powerful experience! The blood of Jesus washes us clean! Whiter than snow!

After we finished praying, Rich was beaming! He said to me, "I AM FORGIVEN!! I AM FORGIVEN!!"

Although we were certainly going to be late now, Hannah and I rejoiced all the way to church!

It was stilll early in the morning, and we'd already had a good day fishing!


Nate said…
Oh, that we would always be ready to fish. Another one for Jesus!!

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