In the Middle

Everything looks like failure in the middle.

-- Rosbeth Moss Kanter


Anonymous said…
Wow--that's sure negative thinking! As a "middle child" I've never looked at life that way.
Larry said…
On the contrary, I think it's a positive statement, and quite encouraging. It might be difficult for the moment, but it's just the middle, and that's the way things look in the middle. In the end, it will be much better.
Anonymous said…
I agree with anonymous. It seems like negative thinking to me. What of the expectant mother who is 4½ months along? What of the adult who is 45 yrs. old? What about the semester break for school? Come on! It's all good!
Keetha said…
I took it the same way Larry did, and I really needed to hear it just now. Thanks!!!

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