Off By A Mile

Tabulating all the statistics for the annual report, I discovered that we averaged 646 in worship attendance this past year -- and that's down 13 from last year.

It's the first time in twenty years that our church has averaged less in worship attendance than the year before.

The population density of Sawyer County is 13 people per square mile -- so I guess you could say we were "off by a mile!"

Of course, I need to remember that we gave a good group of people away to start our daughter church in Minong. They're running well over 100 people now in worship -- so maybe it's better to say "we lost a mile to gain ten."


Joy Ziegler said…
What a blessing to see that Minong is going so well. I remember when you were just talking about starting the church there. And....praise God for the new life in Christ this last week! Always exciting to hear about that! Continued blessings to you, Mark!
Steve U. said…
Mark: I remember the Leadership Class that sort of started you in that direction. You asked who in the class wanted to be a senior pastor. I didn't raise my hand. Now I are one thanks in a large part to you. Who would have known. God is doing some amazing things through you. Keep it up. Steve U.
Anonymous said…

Was not rejoicing done over the one lost sheep, the lone prodigal son returning?

What really matters is the lives we touch, be it in church or our daily lives!
Pastor Ray said…
Numbers, Numbers, Nunbers ARE
People, People, People
Anonymous said…
Yes Pastor Ray,

Numbers are people. But I often see leaders, especially some pastors, get so caught up in numbers that they forget the people that make up those numbers.

Yes, you want to reach people, people, people, but make sure you reach them, NOT just count them before they leave unnoticed.
phil said…
I agree with Anonymous. We have a mother at our church. She demands that all her kids be present on Mother's Day so she can win the prize for the largest Number of children present. But, she has no idea how to be a mother the rest of the year. It is all about a Number to her, not the People constituting that number.

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