Our Baptism Video

Thanks to Jeremy Mavis for creating this beautiful tribute to our Lord and His redeeming grace.


Keetha said…
We nearly always get to see these WITH you at church when we are up in July, so I've seen quite a few of them now. BUT - - - they STILL move me to tears. I LOVE how you baptize whole families together.

Yep - - - I'm all teared up now just writing about it.
larry said…
beautiful! inspiring!
Wayne The FLAME Guy said…
Moving Mark. I am always humbled when I see your baptism videos. How great is God's love and forgiveness!
Phil & Kathy said…
A friend, Keetha, suggested we watch this on. I have to say that this is one of the most beautiful posts ever. Tears flowed freely as I watched singles, couples, friends and families experience baptism. Thank you for this post. Please give a hug to our Guatemala work team friends, LeeAnn and Tim Conner and all!
Anonymous said…
Mark, I have never seen entire familes, or husbands and wives baptized at the same time. I found my sele cheering and praising the Lord with them. Hallelujah!

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