This Sunday

Hayward Wesleyan Family,

At Church, this Sunday, Mother's Day, I'm going to talk about "How to Have a Happy Home." The text for my message is Eph. 5:21-6:9. You can read it here.

Some food for thought:

1. What does this Scripture say about submitting? How does verse 21 relate to verse 22?
2. According to the passage, what is the wife's duty to her husband?
3. The husband's duty to his wife?
4. Children's duty to parents?
5. Parent's duty to children?
6. How should we handle the passage about slaves and masters? How do we bring that to today's context?

Songs we're doing Sunday include:
All Things are Possible
Blessed Be Your Name
Come, Now is the Time to Worship
I Surrender All
Jesus, All for Jesus

We'll also honor the moms and dedicate a couple of babies (9:40 & 11:00). We'll enjoy a delightful Mother's Day Tribute video, and a trumpet solo by Sam Yoder.

I look forward to seeing you!


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