Two Kinds of People

I've discovered than in most of life's endeavors, there are two kinds of people -- the folks to make things happen, and those who sit on the bleachers and criticize.

Some make progress while others make suggestions.
Some find solutions while others find fault.
Some create while others critique.
Some see the answer while others see the obstacles.

A few good folks roll of their sleeves and try to make things better, while others point out how they're doing it wrong.

One day, the Packers were getting hammered, and I yelled at the television. "Get him!! Good grief!! Tackle him!! Can't you guys do anything right????"

My son, Wes, rolled his eyes at me, and said, "Dad, they're TRYING! Do you think you could do any better?"

Now, that shut me up real quick! It's a whole lot easier to yell than to perform!

You can gripe and complain about our elected officials (and those running for office), but how would you like to be in their shoes? Do you seriously think you would perform the job better? I seriously doubt it. One week in the Oval Office, and everybody would be complaining about you!

Here's a suggestion. Instead of wasting time griping from the sidelines, how about getting into the game, and investing yourself in something worthwhile? Throw yourself into the challenge. Encourage and inspire others. MAKE a difference, instead of just pointing out the differences.

Others might cluck and complain -- but you'll be too busy to notice.


Keetha said…
Though I am usually a "doer," I will confess I DO enjoy sitting in the bleachers too - - - only as a CHEERLEADER!!!!
Pastor Al said…
Greetings Mark,

Spoken like a true pastor! Rolled up sleeves have more influence.

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