Vision Sunday

Hayward Wesleyan Family,

Each year, at this time, we stop and look at where we've been, where we are, and where we're headed.

I'm breaking away from Ephesians this week, and will be speaking from Isaiah 40 (NKJV.) You can read it by clicking here. Note, specifically verses 28-31.

A highlight of the morning will be showing the video of Last Year's Baptism. You can see the previous year's video by clicking here.

We are going to be singing something old and something new:
1. "Nothing But the Blood/ I Stand Amazed"
2. "You Never Let Go"

We will also be receiving nine new members and commissioning two missionary couples: David and Leah Teran to Mexico, and Ryan and Heather Reissner to Camp Forest Springs. Heather will share her Faith Story.

The service will conclude with receiving Communion together.

It's going to be a powerful Sunday morning. You won't want to miss it!


Andi Wittwer said…
Dear Pastor Mark,
I tried to catch as much of the services as I could from the kitchen. I cried when Heather spoke and Ryan sang. I am much too sentimental I think.
What isthe vision for our Hayward Wesleyan Church? To send people near and far to spread the joyful word of God, in Jesus name. Andi

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