Wrightly Dividing the Truth

Note -- I think Wright is Wrong on a number of important issues --however, I found this piece on his preaching quite interesting.
A couple of other observations. A few weeks ago, I watched a Larry King interview about Obama's relationship with his pastor.
"Do you attend the church regularly?" King inquired.
"Yes" answered Obama, "In spurts."
As a pastor, I understood that statement. I have a lot of people who "come regularly in spurts."
Finally, a word of comfort and challenge for the preachers in light of the Wright fiasco -- What you say from the pulpit DOES make a difference after all!! If YOUR people were judged by what YOU say, what would the verdict be??


Pastor Dan said…
The article you link includes this quote:

At the National Press Club, Wright pointed to Isaiah, "where God says the prophet is to preach the gospel to the poor and to set at liberty those who are held captive. Liberating the captives also liberates those who are holding them captive."

If this is Wright's belief, perhaps it would serve him well to stop fomenting discord between those he sees as captives and their captors, and work more directly at bringing them all -- regardless of color -- into a right relationship with their only true Liberator.
Anonymous said…

More importantly, what will the verdict be on the life you live? Many preachers can preach a good sermon, they just do not live it.
naomi said…
Anything anyone says can lead to misunderstanding. People tend to hear what they want to hear and focus on single issues rather than the big picture. Just look at Jesus.

Of course, anything anyone says can also lead to greater understanding....just look at Jesus!

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