You Gotta Break the Glass

Seth Godin passed along this thought provoking post (Thanks to Jerry for pointing me to it).

It's a clock, turned off, not ticking, showing no progress, encased in a beautiful glass sculpture.

When you're ready to make the leap, to commit, to make something happen, you break the glass. The sculpture is ruined. All you have are shards of broken glass. And a working clock. It's alive and it's changing and moving forward.



That is such a beautiful analogy of our life before Christ.

If we try to make ourselves whole by our own power, the result is a fragile, empty shell with a dead spirit inside.

Allowing Christ to take control of our lives will almost certainly shatter our comfort zone, our pride, our old lives. After knowing Jesus, who can be the same? He shatters sin, conquers death, and breathes life into our souls. Except that I think there should be two clocks. One is Christ's clock moving forward as the power source of our lives. The other was dead too before Jesus. It counts from our spiritual birth backwards to the day and time Jesus himself will explain to Almighty God that his blood has paid the price for our sins.

Welcome home.

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