Around the World and Back

I spent yesterday in my office, yet travelled all the way around the world.

* Counselled with a young couple and helped them find their way to faith and forgiveness.
* Connected a former student from Myanmar (now ministering in Canada) with Morris, our Myanmar National Superintendent.
* Showed my friend, Anthony (who pastors in Brooklyn), how to apply for a Sabbatical Grant. He's excited.
* Prayed, via phone, with three parishioners who are recovering from illness.
* Had sweet fellowship with a precious, godly couple from northern Minnesota, who happened to be "passing through."
* Prayed for the church family, as well as our mission work around the world, especially Nicaragua.
* Advocated for a Native American brother.
* Made plans, with a happy, young mother, for her baby's dedication.
* Shared some ministry ideas with a few staff and board members.
* Conversed with a member of our Stewardship Committee.
* Read a couple of Spiritual Formation reports.
* Promoted a good idea for next week's District Conference.
* Established a couple of helpful policies with our office manager
* Wrote and submitted an endorsement for Dr. John Jackson's latest book, (God-Size Your Church.)
* Communicated with missionaries from Croatia.
* Connected with our Global Partners Office in Indianapolis.

Reflecting back -- It's just amazing, really, how far one can travel in a day, without using a single gallon of gas.

In the evening, I stained the deck, fed the birds, then went fishing with Wes and Hannah on Nelson Lake. We caught a baker's dozen plus one.


Keith Drury said…
GREAT description of a pastor's work here! thanks!
Pastor Al said…
What else did you do all day? Just kidding! I think the point is that the tasks can be highly varied on a typical day. In review of your events...your activities are value ladened.

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