District Conference

Just returned from District Conference. Dr. Jo Anne Lyon, our new General Superintendent, led us magificently! She allowed our fine District Superintendent, Dan Bickel, to chair the business meetings -- and then, from time to time, she interjected her words of encouragement and direction. Dan was a great chairman -- and kept things flowing along smoothly.

Five young men were ordained last evening, and Dr. Lyon preached the sermon. It was an historic occasion. I believe it was the first Wesleyan ordination sermon ever preached by a woman. (155 years after the early Wesleyan founder, Luther Lee, preached the ordination sermon for Antoinette Brown, the first woman ordained in America.)

I was elected to be the District Secretary. They were really scraping the bottom of the barrel for that one!

On the way home, Cathy and I stopped by to visit our friend, John Metz, in the Nursing Home. (I wrote about him a while back.) He and Phyllis were overjoyed to see us! I'm glad we stopped.


Stevan said…
Pastor Mark!
Congrats on your being elected as District Secretary - and thanks for so-quickly getting my pocket-credentials to me! You rock!
Thanks for the post on District Conference, too - I'm linking to it instead of writing my own synopsis!


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