From Tedium to Te Deum

This morning, a vanload of us are headed to Wisconsin Rapids for our District Conference. We'll hear reports, elect officers, and cheer each other along.

I believe this is the 30th District Conference I've attended down through the years -- and, try as I may, I hardly remember anything about any of them.

Oh, there are two or three memorable exceptions -- when people worked themselves into a dither over some issue or another -- but for the most part, the best word to describe District Conference is "tedium."

(I recall once coming home from a church business meeting with my teenage son. "Dad, that was REALLY BORING!" To this I replied, "Praise the Lord, son! Church business meetings are SUPPOSED to be boring. The only time they get exciting is when bad stuff happnes.")

Of course, this year, our newly elected General Superintendent, Jo Anne Lyon is coming. We're her FIRST District Conference -- an historical event. I have a hunch that we won't be doing "business as usual." I'm expecting some excitement -- of the good variety!

Hopefully, we can buzz quickly through the "tedium" -- and then set Jo Anne loose to share her heart and vision with us -- 'Te Deum!" ("To God!" or "Praise to God!")

A good protestant version of Te Deum is "Holy God, We Praise Thy Name." To really get it, you have to go through ALL the verses.


cora white said…

How do you find out which GS will be at the respective district conferences?
Mark O. Wilson said…
They list the areas of oversight at the Wesleyan website -- under General Superintendents. If I recall correctly, Jo Anne Lyon has the west, Jerry Pence has the south, and Tom Armiger has the east.

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