Happy Marriage

Researchers have uncovered clues as to why Cathy and I have such a happy marriage.
(Rats -- just discovered that the link doesn't work! Sorry for leading you down the wrong path. Basically, the article said that beautiful women matched up with ugly guys have the best marriages because the ugly guy is happy to be with the beautiful woman -- and the beautiful woman feels even more beautiful around the ugly guy.)


Pastor Al said…
Congrates on your happy marriage!

Can't comment safely on the remainder of the post, who could? If I agree that you are ugly...I wouldn't be nice. If I comment on your lovely bride...I had best have a very trusting relationship with you.

However, I would say that the Presence of Christ permeates you both as a very attractive couple. Your looks improve standing next to your wife (you asked for it!).

You've had an anniversary? Well bless your marriage a thousand fold! I can only hope that God would help me create such a Christ-centered, loving marriage as yours.

Love you guys!

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