Jo Anne Lyon

I returned late last night from General Conference in Orlando, Florida. It was an inspiring event, and I came home glad to be a Wesleyan.

We elected Dr. Jo Anne Lyon as our new General Superintendent. She is an amazing woman, who has been graced with extraordinary leadership ability. As the founder and CEO of World Hope International, she has literally rescued thousands from poverty, sickness, slavery and death.

Somebody asked, "Isn't it a step down for you to leave World Hope to provide leadership for the Wesleyan Church?"

To this, she replied, "Shouldn't the mission of the church be the most important thing in the world??"

I think she's right. If the vision and ministry of World Hope is larger tham the vision and ministry of the Wesleyan Church, then the Wesleyan Church needs a bigger vision and ministry.

Go get 'em Jo Anne!! I think this Lyon will take the tiger by the tail.


Steve Gerich said…
This is great news.
cora white said…
It is great news.

How affirming to women considering ministry in the Wesleyan church.
Phil & Kathy said…
What a blessing for the Wesleyan Church...The Lyon who loves the Lamb!

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