Ryan's Song

My son, Ryan, performed his new song, "Burden of the Blessed" today in church as the conclusion of a powerful drama presentation.

Several asked about whether his music is online: You can find it at his "MySpace" -- scroll down to "Burden of the Blessed" to hear it.


Steve Gerich said…
Ryan- your music is connecting with people. Keep it up.
Pastikas said…
About 3 weeks ago I went to Hayward Wesleyan to have my quiet time which I sometimes do during the week. This particular day my heart was really heavy. I usually use the sanctuary, but there were people already in there so I went to the library. About 15 minutes into my prayer time I started hearing music coming from the sanctuary. It was distracting, but in a VERY good way. I left the library and went to the sanctuary to see who it was. It turned out to be Ryan with the band Autumn Riddance. I asked if I could listen in and they kindly let me. All I can say is wow are they good! You could just feel the Holy Spirit in the sanctuary while they were practicing. They really lifted my spirits. I heard music I had never heard before and found it very refreshing. I came into church feeling a very heavy burden on my heart and left with literally a new song in my heart.
Thanks, guys for the private concert! I am proof that God is and will use you guys in a BIG way!
Sue Rosenquist

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