This Sunday

To The Hayward Wesleyan Church Family:

This Sunday, we'll be starting a new sermon series called "Mighty Faith: A Journey Through Joshua" The series will continue through August 24. I know you will be encouraged and inspired by the life of this great hero of faith.

In preparation for worship, I encourage you to read Joshua 1. You can view it online by clicking here.

Compare Joshua 1 with Deuteronomy 31:1-8:

1. What themes do you see intertwined in these passages?
2. How many times is the phrase "strong and courageous" used? Why?
3. There was a "water parting" on each side of their 40 year trek in the wilderness. (Exodus 14 and Joshua 3) Joshua was one of only two men who experienced both of them. What was similar about the two water partings? What was different?
4. What transitions are you facing that require strength and courage?
5. Has God worked miracles in your life before? Do you need a new miracle now?

We are planning to sing:
"The Battle Belongs to the Lord"
"Awesome God"
"How Great is our God"
"How Great Thou Art"
and "More Love, More Power"

Robyn Bjork will be singing a powerful song she wrote, "I'm Not Abandoned", and Eunice LaCoy will be sharing her faith story.

I look forward to seeing you at church Sunday morning!


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