Time for a Tune Up

As a college student, I learned (the hard way) that cars need routine maintenance if they are going to last long. Our spiritual lives are like that too. We must vigorously maintain our souls for continual spiritual health and victory.

Here are a dozen good questions to ask yourself in order to "tune up":

1. Is anything in my life keeping me from experiencing the fullness of Christ?
2. Are there any frayed relationships which need mending?
3. Is there anything I have not surrendered fully to God?
4. Is my image more important to me than my integrity?
5. What is God calling me to do?
6. Have I been growing closer to Christ recently, or drifting further away?
7. How can I bless someone else?
8. Do others see the love, mercy and justice of Jesus in me?
9. Am I faithful in my Bible reading? my prayer life? my church attendance?
10. Do I love Jesus? How does it show? What real difference does Christ make in my life?
11. What would great faith have me do?
12. How can I be more generous?


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