A Good Time Was Had By All

We returned late last evening from our mini-vacation in Waterloo, Iowa.

It was great to connect with our son, Adam and his sweetheart, Allegra. They gave us a tour of University of Northern Iowa, where they will be enrolled this fall.

The kids enjoyed taking turns spending the night at their big brother's apartment.

Allegra was an excellent hostess and tour guide. While Adam worked, she showed us around. We visited a fascinating museum at the University and lunched at Panera Bread. The girls went to a matinee (Kit Kittredge) while the guys went next door and watched Wall-E

Later in the day, we met up with Cathy's mother, Madelyn, who drove in from Chicago. In the evening, we joined several members of Allegra's family (a party of 17 in total) at Steamboat Gardens and enjoyed tenderloin sandwiches for a buck. (Uncle Clarion, a good-hearted Iowa farmer picked up the tab.)

After dinner, we attended Sundown Serenade, an outdoor concert at Overman Park, performed by the Cedar Falls Orchestra (the oldest concert band in the state of Iowa.) By the way, they have the oldest tuba player in the nation. He's been huffing and puffing for over 60 years.

Homemade ice cream topped off the evening.

After bidding farewell the next morning, we returned home via St. Paul, Minnesota, where we stopped by the Science Museum, watched an Omnimax presentation on "Special Effects" and then visited the travelling Star Wars exhibit. It was fun to see the original costumes and models from the movies, and to do a little "hands on" science in the process.

Luke, Wes and I decided to have a "Star Wars Marathon" night pretty soon.

We took lots of pictures -- but I'm too busy to publish them on my blog at this point.


Keetha said…
LOL - - - you've been to Iowa and back and I'm STILL HERE in Hayward!!! That seems pretty funny to me.

We have enjoyed our time here - - - have to leave on Saturday morning and we aren't NOT looking forward to that.

Except it will be GREAT to see the grandkids when we get home. :)

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