A Great Read

Just finished Rob Stennett's new novel, The Almost True Story of Ryan Fisher. (Zondervan)

It's a funny, fast paced satire about an eager Denver realtor, Ryan Fisher, who expands his business by placing an ad in the "Christian Business Directory." In the process of building a "Christian market niche", he discovers the evangelical sub-culture -- which is completely foreign but somewhat attractive to him.

After a few months of "churchianity" (and pretending to be a pastor) -- he decides to plant a church in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, using his marketing, relational and business savvy.

What follows is a humorous but indicting portrayal of American christianity, which raises a plethora of issues about effective leadership, church growth, manipulation, authenticity vs. pretending, and why people attend church in the first place.

It was a great read and I couldn't put it down.


Steve Gerich said…
Can I borrow it?

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