Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hoosier Friends

My Indiana friends, Greg and Keetha Broyles, came to Hayward this week for a northwoods vacation. Keetha is a regular at Revitalize Your Church, and leaves frequent insightful comments.

She posted about her visit to Hayward Wesleyan Church here. . . Little Pastor in the Woods. So glad you could be with us, Greg and Keetha!!

If you poke around, you'll see several good pictures of various Hayward tourist destinations at Keetha's blog as well!


Keetha said...

Whoooooo Hooooo!!! I have ARRIVED as a blogger - - - I got a SHOUT OUT on your blog!!!!! Thanks!!

Keetha said...

Thanks again for this free advertisement to my blog, Mark. I've had about twice as many daily visitors to it since being up here on vacation and some of those came to me from your blog.