Jesus Cheetos

A lady from High Ridge, Missouri, found Jesus (on a cross) in a bag of Cheetos. Soon, the pilgims will be coming by tour bus.

This is not the first time Jesus showed up in a package of Cheetos. Last March a Houston youth pastor was surprised to find Jesus praying as he snacked in the church office.

And here's another: In New Mexico, a praising Jesus came out of the Cheeto bag to encourage Dorothy to lose weight. She has not eaten a Cheeto since.

Maybe we should erect the Shrine of Holy Cheetos. . . then, again. . .


Keetha said…
Those people have very vivid imaginations!!!!
Joy Ziegler said…
I can see how they would see those images, but it just kinda cracks me up and feels "weird". I hope the ants don't find that cheeto on the Pastor's desk and chew off Jesus' toe or

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