Never Random

Tomorrow, I will be conducting the funeral service for Oliver, a 22 year old, who was a part of our youth group, and attended our church on many occasions. I really liked O. J. We always got along well with each other. He was a bright and friendly young man, full of vibrant life.

His unexpected death is still a mystery. He just didn't show up for work for a couple of days -- and those who went to check on him, found he had died in his sleep.

O. J.'s daddy is a member of our congregation. My heart breaks for this precious family in their hour of darkest sorrow.

In times like this, we are left bewildered. It is in regard to this sort of confusion that Larry Crabb writes:
Our shattered dreams are never random. They are always a piece in a larger puzzle, a chapter in a larger story. Pain is a tragedy. But it's never only a tragedy. . . The journey to joy takes us through shattered dreams. (Crabb, Shattered Dreams)


Keetha said…
This is very heart breaking. Sad that his family, and your church family, are going through this.

When you know what was the cause - - - please let me know. Hubby, being medical, has a guess and we're curios to know if he is right.

Oh - - - you are a "star" on my blog today.

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