Pastor Sells Himself on E-Bay

Chad Smith, a creative, unconventional pastor from Alabama, is selling himself on e-bay. Bidding is up to $2.25 now -- with $3000 for shipping.
This causes deep concern. If this thing works, there will be a FLOOD of churches putting their pastors up for sale.


Anonymous said…
We will PAY someone to take ours off our hands.
phil said…

That is the trouble with our churches today. The district leaders just keep passing the 'bad apples' on to another congregation instead of facing the problems. Like politicians they are masters at cover-ups.
Anonymous said…
I would not give you $1.00 for all the pastors in our district.

The bigger problem is that the people who control these churches are worth less than $1.00. The same few families decide on what the pastor must do to stay in their good grace.

The pastor then compormises his values to keep his position.
The leaders slap him on the back and tell him how good a job he is doing and he then starts believing the lies.

Instead of the Church of God it becomes the Church of Smith\Jones\Johnson\etc.
Anonymous said…
Most pastors are good and godly people who are trying their best to do right and shepherd the flock faithfully.

The pastors job is not easy. Particularly when everbody is finding fault and ctiticizing.

I thank God for my pastor and his wife. They serve selflessly.
Anonymous said…
First Anonymous,

I would not wish my pastor on my worst enemy.

Why would you want to pawn your pastor off on someone else?

Are we not to do unto others as we would have them do unto us?
Pastor Larry said…
Can I sell my congregation on e-bay?
mark o wilson said…
You can't Pastor Larry. They have already been purchased with the precious blood of Christ -- and He won't sell them on e-bay.
Keetha said…
I love our pastor - - - he is worth more than gold.

I love you too, Pastor Mark, you are also priceless!!!
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said
"The pastors job is not easy. Particularly when everbody is finding fault and ctiticizing."

Are people finding fault and criticizing, or are they constuctively trying to face a problem and just not pretending that everything is OK? Our pastor and board feels God only talks to them. If someone else has an idea, it is the Devil talking to them. And the pastor/board constantly complain about how things are going.
Anonymous said…
Pastor Larry,

Is your congregation not the flock that God gave you to tend?

Attitude reflects Leadership!!!
Anonymous said…

I think back to your post on John Metz. Unfortunately God gives many many Pastors a Quality Control Person(s), but the Pastor dismisses it as criticizing, finding fault, or picking and chewing. All good leaders are willing to learn from others. Those that fail at leadership have to have total control.
John had an uncanny way of finding things that were wrong. For instance, if we were off in our budget calculations, John would undoubtedly find it, and point it out. He wouldn't let me get away with any slacking, sloppiness or stupidity. If I'd do something dumb, John would show up at my office the next day for a "visit."

At first, it bugged me. I wondered why John was so critical, though I knew he loved me, and was only trying to help. Then, it dawned on me:

Companies pay BIG BUCKS for Quality Control -- and I get mine for FREE! John was my Quality Control Department!!

He taught me how to delegate authority (rather than tasks.) I have taught this same lesson, now, to many pastors across the country.

He taught me that an early hour spent planning saves three late hours of scrambling.

He taught me to start meetings on time. (Starting late rewards the tardy and punishes the prompt.)

He taught me that every donated dollar is important, and must be handled with utmost wisdom, respect and stewardship.

He tried to teach me the importance of long range planning -- but I'm still learning that one.

Pastors and boards of sick churches take note of the above reprinted post!!!
Anonymous said…
Thank God for pastors like you Mark. You recognized the value of your Quality Control John. I am deeply ashamed of how my church has handled, and continues to handle, gifted Quality Control people God sends to them. I am more ashamed that the leaders of my church who see the wrongs do not have the courage to speak up.

Ashamed Wesleyan
Anonymous said…
God can turn the Pastor and Church around!

In our case the Pastor forced the Quality Control person out of the Church. He with the board told the Quality Control that he was no longer needed or wanted at the Church. The Church body sat with their mouths open but nothing came out.
Everyone talked to each other but no one dared to speak out to the Pastor or Board. Our attendance fell, the money stopped comming in, and then the Pastor had a long talk with GOD.

He requested that the Quality Control man and his family come to Church. The Pastor then asked the man and his entire family to come to the front of the Church. With tears running down his cheeks the Pastor asked each of them to forgive him for his unloving and unchristian attitude.

The whole Board, also in front of the Church, one by one also asked if the man could find it in his heart to forgive them as well for their part in allowing the unjustice to happen.

The Holy Spirit came upon the Church and everyone started looking out for the other person.

Each one was trying to out do the other in showing how loving and how much better a Christian they could be. As the Church reached out the attendance grew, the money came in and now we have an overflowing Church lead by God, reaching out to everyone.

We still have Quality Control problems, but we thank God for our Quality Control Man who had the courage to forgive and then graciously help rebuild the Church for the Lord.

Even more we thank God for a Pastor and Board who were willing to admit their wrong, sincerely ask for forgiveness, make restitution and to give control back to God.
mark o wilson said…
Wow -- that brought tears to my eyes. Awesome!
Anonymous said…
Thank you Mark for telling Pastor Larry he cannot sell one of God's precious children on E-Bay. The leaders at our church do not even bother trying to sell them, they just throw them away like useless trash.
Anonymous said…
Hatfields Vs. McCoys

And the New Pastor and/or Wife is stuck in the middle of the feud.

When a new pastor arrives at his appointed church, it doesn't take him long to distinguish the feuding sides. It is not as easy to know your enemy in a church. Many church goers are nice to your face and then wait for the chance to stab you behind your back.

If the pastor wishes to stay long in a feuding church, he must quickly decide which side controls the money. This side pays his salary.

Often times a pastor who wishes to remain at his new church has to side with the stronger family against his best intentions. God no longer rules.

What we needs are Intervention Pastors or Teams that go in and clean up a church. They will not have their constracts renewed, but they will be doing God's Will. Our district leaders need to help with this clean up instead of promoting the corruption prevalent in many of our churches.
Anonymous said…
Be careful what you wish for.
What if it is you that needs the cleaning.

Anonymous said…
Beware of Housecleaning Tactics. There is a book out now that advocates the preacher's right to ask people to leave that disagree with him. Housecleaning can be so thorough that the only thing left is the bare walls of the building.
Danger lurks when it is not God wielding the broom.
Anonymous said…
Instead of sweeping precious souls out the church doors, sweepers and sweepees all need to have their hearts swept clean by God.

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