A Prayer of Love

Yesterday, we held the memorial service for Oliver -- our quick witted and fun filled young friend (age 22) who passed away unexpectedly last week.

The church overflowed with people from every imaginable background and belief system.

I knew that this was going to be a challenging funeral, given the wide disparity of perspectives. I hoped we'd all be able to come together in one heart as we remembered Ollie, and I knew my typical funeral message wouldn't cut it.

Before the crowds arrived, Joyce and Dessie showed up to pray with me. I thank God for these mighty prayer warriors.

In the stillness of the morning hour, these two godly women saturated our sanctuary with intercession. Together, we agreed in prayer that God's presence would be manifested in mighty love. We prayed that all the people attending the funeral would feel a deep and overwhelming love surrounding them.

Joyce and Dessie prayed over the pews -- and over the entrance. Then, slipped away unnoticed.

God answered their prayer of faith. When the service was over, everybody marvelled at how much love filled that room.

Love is what brings us together.
Love makes the difference.
Prayer brought the love.


I am always touched by those who do so much in their faith...and are quietly woven into the path of our lives. It is those that I truely strive to be like.
Karen said…
Just know that there were people praying across the country in tandem with those in Hayward. And know also that the impact of that service is still rippling...

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