I preached on Joshua 2 today, telling the story of Rahab.

1. She had a Hard Life
  • Bad decisions
  • Jericho prostitute
  • Baal worship -- child sacrifice, rampant immorality
  • rejection
  • unworthy, unloved, unaccepted

2. She made a Hard Choice

  • The decision: turn in the spies (be a "good citizen") or hide the spies (be "God's citizen")
  • You can never make the necessary change if you are unwilling to make the hard decision.

3. She reaped a Harvest of Righteousness

  • Her hard decision blessed her family (see Josh. 6) Her mother, father, brothers and sisters.
  • She left a legacy -- married Salmon -- baby was Boaz -- husband of Ruth -- grandparents of David!
  • If Rahab had not made the hard decision, we would not have most of the Psalms!
  • Hebrews 11 -- Hall of Fame -- Rahab is there!
  • Lineage of Jesus -- Matthew 1 -- Rahab is there too!

We had full house -- about 700 people -- with several out of town visitors.


Keetha said…
We'll be there to hear/see you on the 20th and the 27th!!!! We are getting EXCITED.
Keetha said…
Oh my goodness!!!! I found out THIS MORNING that our dates were confused - - - we'll be seeing you THIS Sunday, the 12th instead!!!!!

Oh my - - - our plans, they are a changin'!!!!
Anonymous said…
This was a wonderful and encouraging message! Showing the grace God gives to all sinners as we strive to change our hearts and minds to have His heart and His mind.

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