Reach for the Sky!

Reach for the Sky!

“To make your life small when it could be great is sin and heresy!” -- Elton Trueblood

When babies are born into this world, they are really cute – and they are characterized by helplessness, sensitivity, and unfulfilled potential. Now, that’s perfectly normal for a baby – but not a grown up.

God gave us all potential so we can discover and live it!

You have to grow to grow up! Maturity means you can’t allow yourself to stay helpless. Don't let yourself harbor hurt feelings. Strive to be your best, and refuse to settle for mediocrity.

As the wise old bard once said “The saddest words in tongue or pen are simply these: It might have been.”

What is Potential?

NA + SD + D + P + FOF + WTL

Natural Ability + Self Discipline + Drive + Persistence + Faith Overcoming Fear + Willingness to Learn = Potential!

How do you determine your potential?

P – Prayerfully determine what God wants you to do with the rest of your life.
O – Organize your life around this mission
T – Take time to develop your inner life (to grow, to learn, to reflect, to pray)
E – Embrace setbacks and failures as learning experiences
N – Never settle for small living
T – Take others with you on the journey
I – Increase your capacity with pro-active learning (stretch your mind with new ideas!)
A – Attitude adjustments must be made regularly (check up from the neck up!)
L – Leave the final results to God

“Few of us ever have risen equal to our best vision. The place at the top is only won by the brave; and the average person’s courage leaks out before he reaches the top.” -- A.P. Gouthey


Pastor Al said…
Greetings Mark,

Your putting the pressure on! Thanks for believing in our God given potential.

I didn't realize that Skyline was in the north country!

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