State of Drinking in Wisconsin

A Gannett report came out this week that said that Wisconsin is the #1 Alcohol State in the Nation -- a dubious honor, indeed. (It made the front page of Monday's paper.) Another article on the same data.

Research results can be found here.
Interestingly, if you click on the "Interactive US Map", you will easily see the states MOST impacted by alcohol problems-- a northern band across the upper midwest.

Likewise, you will note the states LEAST impacted by alcohol problems -- another band, across the south.

Why are the northern states more prone to alcohol abuse than the south?

I'm certain the difference has something to do with THIS map.


Steve U. said…
What sad information. I am not surprised though. I grew up in Wisc. and alcohol almost destroyed my life. Thank you Jesus for 28 years of sobriety.
It is interesting to compare the church data. I am not sure that is the cause though, only evidence that some denominations address the problem better than others.
The root cause other than our sinful nature itself, may have much to do with the long winters and short days that people who live in the North experience.
There is no question though that the cure is to turn on the "Light of the World." Jesus makes the world a much brighter place.
Anonymous said…
Having done some research on this matter, I have concluded that as early settlers of this region were "brewers" of beer; and that as things progress slower here than the rest of the nation (8-10 years slower) it stands to reason, that with the lack of alternative forms of entertainment for all ages,family history of time spent in bars and introducing drinking to younger family members as an acceptable social pastime; coupled with the fact of less expensive choice of beverage compared to juices or even pop, how could it be otherwise. We must remember we are God's hands and feet, arms and voice - stand up - take a stand, lend an arm of support, walk over and offer an alternitive, be aware of mentoring behavior. Relationships at all ages still look for guidance and most of all love. In love, with God's pure love this can be addressed and corrected.Check into your local organizations, watch the paper for places where you can get involved in making a difference, reading and action are two different behaviors for results!
Anonymous said…
What we are missing is the fact that people who abuse alchol are doing so because of other problems in their life that the Church could and should notice and help with.

If we love everyone we should not judge them but try to help them through a this time in their life by reaching out to them.

One good friend of mine after he lost his son said to me..
The people who were there for me after my son died were my old drinking buddy's not my Church.

How sad!
At this time of loss when a man is asking questions to God. Why/How could this happen to me. He could be mad at God and question his core beliefs.
A man in need of friendship and a ear to talk to could only find comfort from those the Church would deem as not worthy.

Who was the better friend?
Anonymous said…
A friend is there when you need them most. Each of us should ask ourselves if we would want ourself as a best friend.

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