What are You Doing, Brett??

Brett Favre has sure put the Packers in a Pickle, with his "un-retirement."

Their options:

1. Welcome Brett back and let him take up where he left off:
Most Packer fans would like that -- but it would be very detrimental to their relationship with Aaron Rogers who has been very patient in the "grooming process." Also, Brett's dismal performance in the frigid championship game at Lambeau makes me wonder if the gipper still has it in him for the long haul. He had a wonderful season -- with a few horrible moments. At this point, he's still great -- but wouldn't it be better for him to go out in greatness than to continue until he is booed off the field? What if things unravel? How do you tell a legend that he's washed up?

2. Bring him back, but let Rogers start:
That won't go over very well in Packerland. I cannot imagine Brett as a benchwarmer. If they choose this option, poor Rogers will have a huge target on his back. Every mistake he makes will be magnified -- and every decision will be "second guessed." There will be a "quarterback controversy."

3. Release him and let him sign up with another team:
This is what Favre is requesting -- and it's the worst possible option for the Packers. This opens up the possibility that he would end up with a rival like the Bears or Vikings. Packer fans would rend their garments!! Can you image Brett coming back to play AGAINST Green Bay wearing a Purple 4? Can you imagine Brett BEATING us at Lambeau?? ARRRGGGHHH!

4. Trade him:
The fans would scream their heads off in protest -- but it might be the best scenario. Of course they would have to be picky. They would have to trade him to some dumpy team that:

  • Doesn't have a chance of going to the Super Bowl.
  • Won't be playing against the Packers for the next year or two.
  • Has a superstar athlete they're willing to trade to shore up a Packer weakness.

None of the four options above are appealing.

Brett ought to rethink this whole thing. As far as the future is concerned, the best solution is for him to go back to Mississippi, run his tractor, and thank the Lord for all the good memories.

Here's the Packers statement -- which doesn't state anything.


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