26th Aniversary

Today, Cathy and I are celebrating our 26th Wedding Aniversary.
In honor of our 25th, we decided to go on 25 "aniversary dates" throughout the year. I'm happy to report -- we did it!!

Yesterday, I cut out of the office a couple of hours early and picked up my sweetheart for "Date 25." We made our way to Stout's Island Lodge, a rustic resort built over a century ago. (Thanks to Kurt and Deb who told us about this special getaway.)

Mr. Frank Stout became one of the wealthiest men in America after inheriting his father's lumber fortune in 1900. In 1903, he built a 31 room summer home located on it's own 26 acre island, for his family to enjoy.

Today, it serves as a destination point for visitors from all over. National Geographic Adventure Magazine listed it as one of the "Eight Best Summer Escapes in the U.S."
We found it to be a delightful and interesting experience. We glided around the island in a two person kayak.
We played billiards. After knocking three balls in on my first turn, Cathy said, "Wow!! I didn't know you were such a good pool payer." To this I responded, "They don't call me 'Mark the Shark' for nuthin'!" Then, Cathy proceeded to beat me soundly.
We played a bit of table tennis, where I was able to redeem myself somewhat.
We ate at their cozy restaurant -- and they served very strange food that cost a lot. I wished for a hamburger -- but had to settle for what looked like a few slices of pork and a clump of clover. It ended up tastier and better than I expected. I guess that's what they call "livin' high on the hawg."

This was the perfect place for us to celebrate our aniversary -- because my grandmother was a Stout! I remember her mother, Catherine Stout, who lived to be 105.
Fittingly, Cathy and I stayed in the Katherine Cabin!


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