Blogging Break

Heading out of town today to teach FLAME Courses in Indiana, and will not be posting again until after my return on Aug. 16.

The courses I'm teaching this time are Homiletics (preaching) and a seminar for small town and rural pastors.

I was sharing some details about the homiletics class with my daughter, Hannah this morning over breakfast at McDonald's. "I'm going to be teaching a class on how to prepare and preach sermons", I told her.

A tourist in the next booth was listening in on our conversation.

"I hope you teach them how to keep people awake!" he said, "Most of the sermons I've experienced have been dry and boring."

"I'll do my best to knock 'em alive", I replied.


Keetha said…
My hubby is an expert at sleeping through sermons - - - but he said he didn't even get drowsy during yours!!!
Char said…
Hi Mark,

I am a blog buddy of Keetha's (see above). I've been asked to write an article on blogging for the Orange County Christian Writer's Fellowship. I wondered if you'd be willing to respond to a few questions. If so, click the char link and go to Derby Doings. You'll find the questions there and can answer in a comment if you'd like.

Thanks in advance for any insights you may offer.

Yana said…

My name is Yana. Let me introduce my proposal to you. Can we start collaborating with your Blog in order to place an article about our site to it?
My contact is:

I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Keetha said…
Oh my - - - seems you are becoming a famous blogger.

Pastor Steve came by to visit with my parents last evening while I was there. He mentioned that he was on his way to teach some classes and would be seeing you. I hope he remembers to pass on our greeting.
Pat Hannon said…

It was great to meet you tonight! I enjoyed our conversation.


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