A Couple of Good Experiences

Sunday over to Monday, I went with my boys, Ryan, Luke and Wes, on an overnight campout on the Davis Flowage. It is a beautiful wilderness lake -- fairly close to town -- but feels like the Boundary Waters. There is no visible sign of civilization anywhere along the shoreline. It felt a million miles away from people.

I told the guys, "Whatever you catch, we're gonna eat!"

But the catching was slow. When Luke finally snagged a bullhead, I changed my mind. Good thing we brought apples, bacon and marshmallows.

We stayed up half the night swapping stories, watching stars and listening to loon calls. We were delighted to find patches of wild blackberries.

I returned, exhausted and content.

Today, Hannah and I went to St. Mary's Hospital in Duluth, to visit three ailing friends. We prayed with each one. It is beautiful to see my daughter desiring to bring blessing to those who are hurting.

After the hospital visit, she and I went out to eat at Grandma's Restaurant -- and then collected agates on the north shore of Lake Superior.


naomi said…
Linnea and I camped last night just downriver from our house...nice to have a national park in our back yard! Because it's close to the highway it doesn't seem quite so wild, but the bear in our campsite this morning made us feel like it was! What fun. I don't know if I'll be able to talk her into camping there again though.

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