Date 24

This past Wednesday, Cathy and I went to Eau Claire to the Fanny Hill Dinner Theater. This was date #24 of our 25 Aniversary Dates we've had this year. (for our 25th wedding aniversary)

After a chicken cordon bleu lunch, we were privileged to watch Forever Plaid, the tale of a young quartet, killed in a tragic accident, but given the opportunity to come back to earth and do "one more show." They sang a lot of oldies.

I nodded off in the first half. The music was excellent, but I was full, tired and comfortable. Sort of gave me some sympathy for the good folks at church on Sunday morning. After shaking myself awake, I glanced over at Cathy. She was nodding off too! The second half was much better, however, and kept us awake. (Diet Coke at intermission helped.)


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