Passing A Precious Saint

I received the sad news, yesterday, that Beulah Heavilin passed away. Many years ago, her husband, John, served as pastor of Hayward Wesleyan Church. Beulah ministered faithfully beside him.

Then, she began to suffer from crippling rheumatoid arthritis, which severly limited her physical ability and caused much pain.

Still, Beulah was able to pray and love. For decades, her dear husband, John, devoted himself to caring for her. Instead of serving in a church, he served his wife, which was the higher calling.

I happened to teach alongside their outstanding senior pastor, Steve DeNeff, last week. We prayed together for John and Beulah -- and both agreed that this selfless servant stands as a tremendous example to us. The love and care John demonstrated towards his ailing wife is the ultimate definition of success.

Now, Beulah is free. All the pain and suffering is over. Safe in the arms of Jesus! Free from all the limitation. Free to move without pain!

Please pray for John, and Beulah's other loved ones, which include her daughter, Keetha, who comments frequently on thie blog, and sister-in-law, Lois, who is married to Pastor Ben, who serves on staff at Hayward Wesleyan.

Pray that God will grant comfort and peace them all.

"Best of all," said John Wesley on his deathbed, "the Lord is with us."


Dale Argot said…
We remember John and Beulah from our days at College Wesleyan while I was attending IWU. What a wonderful couple. We will be praying for their family.
Keetha said…
Thank you so much, Mark, for this lovely tribute to my mom. One small correction - - - mom suffered with rheumatoid arthritis during ALL of dad's years of ministry - - - including those we were at Hayward. I do not remember her NOT being crippled with it.

The last couple of weeks, as her strength failed, were very difficult to watch.

But, she is turning cartwheels down the streets of gold now - - - whole for the first time in over 52 years.
Keetha said…
PS - - - There will be a memorial service followed by the interment in Wisconsin. Saturday, August 30 at Burr Wesleyan Church. Visitation from 1 to 2 with the memorial service at 2.

Also, Sunday through Tuesday, August 31 - Sept. 2, my only sister, Pam, my dad, and I will be visiting the communities in Wisconsin where mom and dad pastored.
Keri said…
Hello Pastor Mark! I'm Keetha's oldest daughter, Keri. I just wanted to thank you for loving my grandparents like you do and for giving her (and him...he's amazing) this tribute.

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