Preaching for a Decision

The Christian Gospel is a matter of decision. It is to be accepted or rejected. All that we who communicate this Gospel can do is to make possible a genuine decision. . . .

True communication of the Gospel means making possible a definite decision for or against it. We who communicate the Gospel must understand the others, we much somehow participate in (their) existence so that their rejection means partly an ejection, a throwing it out in the moment in which it starts to take root in them. To this point we can bring them, and that is what communicating the Gospel means.


Steve Gerich said…
Tom Correll is teaching us about the "Other" in his class. Listening and understanding is critical. There are many "others" in our world. Why can't everyone just think like me! LOL
Keetha said…
I assume this picture is of Paul Tillich - - - - but it LOOKS like Rev. Marlin Mull.

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