Small Town Politics

McCain picks country girl Palin as his running mate -- and the snooty city pundits mock her experience as a "small town mayor."

Seems to me, if she can successfully navigate the curious politics that happen in a small community, she certainly can handle the big city stuff.

(Note -- this is not an endorsement -- just an obervation about small town politics.)


Dale Argot said…
I can definitely relate to small-town politics and they are nothing like big city politics. I'm sure living in Hayward, you are quite familiar with small town politics. It's magnified here with because we have several cable access channels and local versions of CNN. Everything gets analyzed and re-analyzed. I'm not so sure I would want to be a local politician here. They've got it rough.

By the way, I like your observation!
Anonymous said…
I can definitely relate to church politics. They are the most vicious.


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