Walleyes, Dilly Bars and the Name of Jesus

This morning, Cody Conner, one of the best fisherman in the entire northwoods, took me fishing in his canoe. We caught some really big fish -- a dozen smallmouth bass and four walleyes (not to mention three suckers.) It was a fantastic day of fishing -- and I learned a lot from a master.

With so many things to do back at the church, I felt a little guilty about taking a half day to fish with Cody -- but, then I remembered -- It's biblical. Jesus spent time hanging out with fishermen too! Besides, there are several principles of fishing that apply to church leadership!

After a busy afternoon at the office, I officiated at a small, lakeside wedding. Later, I went to the Relay for Life event at the high school track field, where I said the prayer for their "Luminary Ceremony", and defended my title as Hayward's Dilly Bar Eating Champion. (Undefeated, after four contests! When you have five kids, you learn to eat fast!)

I happened to mention our upcoming baptism to a lady who was walking a lap to fight cancer. Her nephew gave his heart to Christ, and is planning to be baptized on the 17th.

Instead of being happy for her nephew, she scowled at me.

"In what name do you baptize people?" she demanded

"The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit," I replied.

"You're not doing it right. You need to baptize 'em in the name of Jesus only!"

Uh Oh! We've been messing this up for 2000 years!! Somebody should have told Jesus the "correct formula" before he gave the Great Commission to his disciples.

I suppose when this dear sister gets to heaven, she'll just have to tell Jesus he got it all wrong.


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