Don't Wobble

Commit yourself to something greater than yourself! The world has enough people who go through life seeking their own personal gain. There are plenty of folks who just “go with the flow.” We need individuals who will stand up and dare to be different.

What are your convictions? What principles guide your life? A life without principle and conviction is like a boat without a sail or rudder. Nobody knows where it will end up.

If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.

Those rare people who really make a difference are those who stand on their convictions. This is called character -- a priceless gem available to anybody who is willing to pay the price.

Somebody said, “If you stand, just stand. If you sit, just sit. But whatever you do, don’t wobble!”

Once you determine your values and convictions, hang on to them for dear life! Don’t wobble! Keeping commitments is hard work. Standing strong in the face of adversity is sometimes lonely. But keep on. Hang on. Don’t wobble.

The prize does not go to the person who merely starts a marathon – but to the one who finishes. Stand up for what is right and keep going – even if you have to run alone.

It’s time for you light the fire of conviction in your life. Enough of this bland, lukewarm business!

Pour yourself into a greater task. Live by a higher standard. Make some decisions and know where you’re going. Then you will find just how exciting your life can be.

Don't wobble!


Anonymous said…
AMEN! AMEN! Just the sermon I needed to hear! Standing on your convictions can indeed be lonely and difficult at times. But I have to live with myself 24 hours each and every day. I have to stand by my convictions to be able to tolerate myself.
Dave Quinn said…
Thanks Mark. Like the above comment, this is good for me too at the moment and it really hit the spot. Committing yourself to something bigger, living by your convictions and standing firm - great stuff and a nice reminder of why I am doing what I am doing!

PS. I am new to your blog, but have really enjoyed reading back over the last few months of posts.
Anonymous said…
Take time to visit Dave Quinn's site.

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